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hmBarcode v20

hmBarcode v20 is build for 4D v20 available for Intel and Apple Silicon processors (Universal) hmBarcode v20 has the same system requirements as 4D v20.

Command Reference

hmBarcode Commands Reference


With hmBarcode can produce 1D and 2D-Barcodes in your 4D application. Supported barcodes are Datamatrix, PDF417, QR-Code and others. The function range is under Windows and Macintosh identically.

One-Dimensional Symbols

One-Dimensional Symbols are what most people associate with the term barcode. They consist of a number of bars and a number of spaces of differing widths.

Two-Dimensional Symbols

Stacked Symbologies

Two-Track Symbols

4-State Postal Codes

Other Barcode-Like Markings